110% Guarantee

An industry first!

With our 110% Guarantee we are committed to creating a "win win" opportunity for our clients.

If you buy Forex Envy and it fails to produce a profit, you get your purchase price back, plus 10%. In other words,

You make money

If you buy Forex Envy and it performs as we say and you make a profit...

You make money

Either way, whether or not Forex Envy makes a profit or doesn't live up to our claims

You make money

You make money without having to risk one cent!

In fact if you open an account with $1,000 there is a very good chance Forex Envy will pay for itself in the first month! This is what we mean by a "win win". You win and Forex Envy wins. We all make money and live better for it.

So here it is, our guarantee:

"If within the first 30 days of use Forex Envy fails to produce a profit while using HV or NV Long Cycle Modes as we recommend in out Getting Started section in the Members Area, we will refund your entire purchase price with an additional 10% for a total refund of 110%."
This offer is applicable to live and demo accounts. We do ask that within seven days of purchasing Forex Envy that you write our support staff and specify which Metatrader account you would like to apply this offer to. The account must be set up in the same manner we recommend in our Getting Started section and is only applicable if you exclusively run HV or NV Mode with Long Cycle pairs only. We do not offer refunds to members using underfunded accounts, accounts with a risk factor higher than 1.0 or ANY ACCOUNT RUNNING ULTRA, POWER OR LV MODES due to the high risk of these modes. This offer does not apply to accounts using other expert advisers alongside Forex Envy. We can only guarantee Envy's performance, not the performance of other expert advisors. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more details.
Example of refund:
If $479 is the purchase price of Forex Envy, a refund of $479 plus $47.90 for a total refund of $526.90 will be granted. Here at Team Envy we believe we are only as good as our word. Your trust and business are very important to us. If you have any questions regarding our 110% guarantee please contact us and someone on our team will answer your question in a timely manner.
Best Regards, Team Envy

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