Our Strategy

A mathematical approach to the forex market

strategy pictureForex Envy is a system based on statistical probabilities. We have studied the forex market, and through careful analysis we have created an expert advisor that is truly profitable in live market conditions. Forex Envy is one of the few Expert Advisors whose live results match our backtesting results. This is because Forex Envy does not attempt to use “scalping” or high-frequency trading techniques that are unreliable in real trading conditions where slippage, re-quotes, latency, and broker manipulation are common place.

Forex Envy’s primary objective is to take advantage of ranging conditions. We have found that every currency pair forms a unique pattern. Forex Envy uses these unique patterns to create profitable groups of trades that close to form a net gain. Envy will search for the best spots to place trades and the optimal price levels for exit with profit using key support and resistance levels. Our automated strategy has been the result of years of development using over 15 years of high quality historical data to put the odds in our favor. The result is a steady and reliable trading system that is able to adapt to nearly any market condition.

Managing your risk

Forex Envy will keep your account balance growing while you have complete control of your level of risk. Version 4.3.2 offers new tools that will make Risk Management easier and your account safer. Forex Envy users can choose the exact percentage of their capital that they are willing to risk, as well as how aggressively they want to make profits. For example:

If a trader decides he only wants to risk 15% of his trading capital and target 10% returns per month, he can easily set an open drawdown limit to prevent losses from exceeding 15% and choose a trading mode that will average 10% returns per month.
With these new tools every Forex Envy user has the chance of compounding their investment, while setting the maximum percentage of balance they are willing to lose in the event of a worst case scenario.

Team Envy and the Envy community

With Forex Envy you are not alone, our support team has been recognized by the Forex community as one of the best in the business. We offer support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Forex Envy is also a global community. We have members from all over the world helping each other to become successful traders and working together to help us to continually improve and update our Expert Advisor. The community and its involvement allow us to keep up with the ever changing Forex market.

If you have any questions regarding Forex Envy please feel free to contact us.
Peace and Profits, Team Envy

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