-Power Mode- Want exceptional performance? Then you need to be trading with Power Mode.

-LV Mode- Looking for strong performance in a calm market? LV Mode will get the job done.

-NV Mode- Good performance with low risk. NV Mode will give you decent returns while keeping your trading capital safe.

-HV Mode- HV Mode will keep your account drawdown low while still maintaining respectable monthly earnings. HV mode is one of the safest ways to trade Forex Envy.

-Super HV Mode- Our bullet-proof solution. Super HV Mode has been designed to handle all sorts of market conditions to give you a true set and forget solution with maximum safety in mind.


Unlike other expert advisors on the market Forex Envy's profitability isn't dependent on broker execution. Our long term trading strategy allows our backtesting to mirror our forward testing insuring consistency in performance.

Individual Backtests

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